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About Us

What makes our lawyers the best choice for your legal representation?
One firm, one law! Expressing you better
Solving the case gives us satisfaction, A small firm that Acts Big, we are Herwig & Associates
We are known for taking on difficult, serious cases and have successfully represented individuals in claims for large corporations in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States with professional attorneys who will treat your case with the utmost care.
Our firm’s diverse professional experience, extensive resources, and commitment to excellent client service allow us to serve wide range of clients across broad range of industries.
We are proud of the highly qualified and experienced staff we have on board.
Despite our unique perspectives and experiences, we are united by the belief that our clients deserve personal attention, care, and voice that they would not normally receive from larger law firm

We work in the Canada, and the United States

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Trusted Clients
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We Are Effective In Areas Of Practices

Why Choose Us

Choosing our attorneys for your case will ensure that your case is handled by professionals dedicated to achieving the best outcome possible.
The firm’s attorneys have attended the best schools and received the best training. Many of them previously represented large corporations and insurance companies before joining the firm.
Our unique skill set enables us to provide global services to clients, resolving a wide variety of legal issues. This allows us to leverage our internal resources to keep cases in-house instead of splitting them up, resulting in a more efficient resolution.


  • We will ask you questions about your life and gather information about you.
  • We will ask you questions about your life and gather information about you.
  • We will ask you to describe what occurred in your own words.
  • We will discuss what the Government is saying about your case.
  • We will discuss the strategies and tactics that we will apply to your defense.
  • You will be told what you need to know.


Our reputation won’t be compromised by telling you what you want to hear just to get hired so Let us use our decades of experience and no-nonsense reputation to your advantage.

Qualified Legal Attorney

The Specialist Solicitors at our firm are all experts in their respective fields. The combination of our vast experience and high levels of service ensures that we can provide the right solution for any situation you face.

Accumulated Knowledge

Choosing our firm means more than just getting an attorney. Each of our attorneys brings unique expertise to their practice areas. Your case is handled by a team of lawyers, not just one attorney.

We deliver what we promise

When a client seeks legal advice, they are often dealing with a life-changing event. We give your case the attention it deserves and extend every courtesy to meet your needs. We're attentive and personal during client meetings. As part of our legal service, we take the time to learn about your case and your legal needs.


We provide exceptional legal services and we value our clients. Value means tracking and reporting efficiently; reducing legal risk creatively; enhancing cost certainty, and achieving results.

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